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Explore Marketing can assist your tour and travel organization in a variety of ways, either by working with you on specific shorter-term projects or supporting you on an ongoing basis. 

Specific projects that we have worked on can include any of the following: 

  • Launching new products or services.

  • Providing guidance and analytics for acquisitions of companies

  • Reviewing the potential of expansions into new geographic markets or services

  • Developing short and long-term sales and marketing plans and strategies

  • Organizing exclusive sales missions for DMOs and its members 

  • Creating or updating a company’s or region’s brand identity

  • Representing your brand during specific sales missions or events

On an ongoing basis, we have worked with clients in any of the following ways:

  • Guiding sales and marketing teams by providing industry expertise

  • Managing social media posts and blog updates of partners

  • Writing content, such as media and news releases, and managing media engagement

  • Connecting our clients with B2B buyers and distributors of travel services

  • Offering virtual and in-person agent trainings 

Click on any of the six sections below to learn about any of our services in greater detail.

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