Founded in 2016 and headquartered in the USA, Explore Marketing is a travel trade marketing representation firm offering cost-effective tourism marketing, consulting, trade representation and marketing communication services to suppliers and DMOs in the international travel, tourism and hospitality industry.  Clients include providers of travel experiences in the tour and travel trade, including sightseeing companies, attraction operators, cultural institutions, destination marketing organizations, and accommodation companies. 


Our primary goal is to extend the bandwidth and knowledge base of our clients by providing the tools and skills needed to market and sell travel services and destinations on a global scale. This includes developing products and booking processes that are in line with the needs of the international travel trade. Furthermore, through our skilled global workforce, our staff have extensive experience and an understanding of proper business etiquette when working with clients from around the globe, such as Germany, India, China, South Korea, the Middle East and Japan.

Secondly, Explore Marketing can also increase the visibility of clients across the travel trade through sales calls, trade event representation, newsletters and media releases, updates in our travel trade blog and social media, and actively working with travel trade buyers on contracting new destinations and travel experiences. These combined efforts naturally lead to an increase in brand awareness and sales to ensure a healthy bottom line for our clients’ businesses.
We have the knowledge, skills, network, and enthusiasm to enhance your engagement with the travel trade in an efficient and effective manner. Patience is important, as building up international business can take time since new itineraries and brochures of most international tour operators are developed either on an annual or semi-annual basis. This is an important aspect to remember, and we will work with you to identify solutions that help to speed up this process, and develop a portfolio of clients that is well diversified and can contribute towards your bottom line during the different seasons of the year.


We can help you adapt your services towards the cultural and linguistic needs of international travelers. Many times, even small changes will go a long way and create long-term revenue streams. The important thing is for partners to approach international tourism sales with an open and curious mind, and in turn they will be rewarded with new business and relationships from around the globe.


One way of directly engaging with the international travel trade is to join Explore Marketing’s sales missions within the USA to meet key receptive tour operators (RTOs) and wholesalers, and internationally to meet with leading tour operators and OTAs. Check out our full list of our sales missions here

We invite you to learn more about our services and / or  join us on our sales missions



Visit our LinkedIn profile or Facebook page for recommendations and references by clients and industry partners. You can find a short selection also below: 

Explore Marketing’s 2017 Los Angeles Mission was expertly coordinated and maximized opportunities to meet with a variety of operators in a limited amount of time. Stefan has extensive experience and relationships in the travel trade market, which provides immense value to suppliers looking to develop and grow their international tourism business. Krista Rupp, National Sales Manager, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Florida Sales Mission - Very well organized sales mission in Florida! The quality of appointments was excellent and it was a very cost effective way of meeting so many of our existing and potential clients. I found Stefan to be enthusiastic, encouraging and an expert on the International market. Highly recommended! Jun Watanabe, Associate Director, Travel Industry Sales, California Academy of Sciences

Stefan with Explore Marketing was exceptional! Myself and two colleagues at Incredible Adventures recently participated in a series of four, one week sales calls visiting several major US cities and key locations throughout Germany. Stefan organized everything for us from hotels to train and taxi transportation as well as some spectacular evening entertainment along the way. Having actually been a tour guide in years past, I understood quite well the logistics that went into his day to day routine while on each mission with us and he pulled it off with such ease and attention to detail that I feel like these words do not do it justice. I know for certain that we will not hesitate to use his services again should the opportunity present itself.
Joseph Boyle, General Manager, Incredible Adventures 

Stefan is a true professional. I have been part of his Sales Missions that he organizes. They are quite good and a great value. He does all of the organizing, driving, and the details are perfect. Stefan knows everyone in the tour and travel industry . I have enjoyed working with him in my role at the Napa Valley Wine Train as the Director of Sales and Partnerships. I have also asked Stefan on advise on strategy before and he is willing to share his knowledge. Andrea Guzman, Director of Sales and Partnership, Napa Valley Wine Train

Stefan has an unbelieved reputation within the travel industry. He is well-known all across the globe, as respectable, knowledgeable and as a truly honest and supportive person. His knowledge and expertise will set you up for success in whatever you are seeking to do. 
Louise Winsnes, Director Sales and Marketing, Red and White Fleet 

EXPLORE MARKETING - International Tourism Strategy Development and Trade Representation Services for Travel Experiences & Destinations across the USA

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