Annual Representation & Support

Explore Marketing can be engaged as an extension of your sales and marketing team to support you all year long and collaborate with your team to ensure we are an integrated part of your overall business development and marketing efforts. 

Clients that sign up for an annual engagement with Explore Marketing will be represented at 12 trade events and sales missions over the course of a 12-month contract. All costs for shared representation at these events will be equally divided across the number of customers (typically between 3 and 6 customers per event) to pass on substantial savings to your organization. 


Ad-Hoc Representation

If an annual engagement isn't the right fit for your particular business needs, you can have Explore Marketing represent your organization on an ad-hoc basis at trade events and sales missions that otherwise may be too expensive for your company to attend, or simply don't fit your staff's schedule. We share expenses across all participants, and charge a nominal fee to be represented at the event. In exchange, your company will be represented by our staff at the trade event, we will include your company information in our follow up email, and you will receive all leads from the event.

Simply contact us to find out how Explore Marketing can help yout business become an established and trusted partners in the tour and travel trade.


Services Offered

Trade Representation

Our annual schedule of domestic and international sales missions and trade events ensures that your organization will remain top of mind with international travel trade buyers. From one-on-one meetings, to reservation staff trainings, and stage presentations at travel agent shows, we'll engage with the trade continuously.

Strategy Development

Every organization has different needs and limitations. Let us help you develop a strategy for embracing international tourism in a way that fits your business and helps increase your brand's visibility and revenue streams. We'll provide hands-on support & coaching to ensure you are ready to welcome international travelers. 


Marketing & Branding

From reviewing your current marketing collateral to identifying key messages that resonate with the international travel trade, we will work with your team on making sure that your marketing efforts are in line with the needs and interests of the international travel trade buyer and their customers.

Pricing & Contracting

Finding the right pricing and knowing how to properly contract your services are key elements to working with the travel trade. Together with your team, we will review ways to improve your bottom line, while also keeping the trade incentivized. We can structure contract and voucher templates, identify appropriate price points, and handle the contracting process for you to ensure trade clients can incorporate your services in travel itineraries for years to come.


Sales Operations

In order for the travel trade to work with you on an ongoing basis, it is important to create streamlined processes and rules of engagement that make it easy for them to reserve your travel experiences. Stefan and his team will help you to design workflows and sales procedures that allow you stay on top of your reservations and keep your customers happy in the long term. Plus, we can help identify ways to handle your billing and ticketing integration.

Trade Communications

We'll keep the international travel trade informed about your services via our monthly email newsletters to our database of 8,000+ travel trade professionals, social media postings, and personal communications. Plus, we handle the initial follow up on trade events that we attend for you and share with you our leads. Plus, we'll train your reservations staff on proper communications procedures for the travel trade and international customers. 



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