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About TourOperatorLand.com

TourOperatorLand (formerly thetouroperator.com) is produced by NAJ (North American Journeys) which has been marketing incoming tourism to and within North America since 1992 through a variety of specialized events and publishing projects. TourOperatorLand.com (NAJ Events & Media) is the only travel site designed to be used by international, domestic and receptive tour operators, travel media, and travel agents researching new ideas for products. Created 15 years ago, TourOperatorLand.com (www.touroperatorland.com ) aggregates trade content for over 80 North American destinations so that tour operators can find what they need to build product from one website.


Travel trade buyers will benefit from such free features on TourOperatorLand.com as a tool that allows them to find local step-on guides, ethnic dining, royalty-free photos, destination videos, itinerary builder, destination contacts and more.

If you are a member of the travel trade and would like to find out more about TourOperatorLand.com, simply contact Betsy Cooper.