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About Stay Wanderful

StayWanderful increases hotel revenues by driving direct bookings on the hotel's website, reducing hotel's reliance on costlier channels of distribution. A high number of your hotel's bookings come from OTAs, costing hotels 20-25% in commission. Most people choose to book with OTAs because there are no incentives to book directly on the hotel's website. Stay Wanderful is here to change that.

Travelers love added benefits that make their trip special. At StayWanderful we make it easy for people to book directly on hotel sites by converting them with a variety of incentives from premium merchants. Most people use multiple websites to search for hotels and compare room rates. StayWanderful gives visitors of hotel websites reasons to stay and book direct.

In a one month period, Stay Wanderful drove 90 incremental room night bookings for a boutique hotel worth $15,000 in direct sales. It only takes a few minutes to install the plugin and launch your unique engine that's ready to convert direct bookings on your hotel's website. We'll do all the heavy lifting of finding the optimal mix of incentives and take care of fulfillment.


Find out more by visiting Stay Wanderful's website at www.staywanderful.com