On this five-day sales mission that takes us to a variety of neighborhoods in Los Angeles, we will make 20 or more sales calls with receptive tour operators and wholesalers, covering international markets including China, Korea, Germany, Japan and Taiwan. Business comes in the form of leisure groups, student travelers, FITs, and MICE.  


Additionally, you will have an opportunity to present to Chinese receptive tour operators during a luncheon for additional exposure and to network with clients.

2017 Los Angeles Sales Mission

$2,000.00 Regular Price
$1,750.00Sale Price
  • Sunday,
    December 3

    Arrive in Los Angeles hotel on your own.

    December 4

    Group Meeting in the morning

    10am – 5pm: China Market: 5 Sales Calls, one hour each

    December 5

    9am – 11:30am: China Market: 2 Sales Calls, one hour each

    12:00pm: China Client Luncheon

    2pm – 5pm: China 2 Sales Calls, one hour each


    December 6

    9am – 5pm: Japanese Market: 5 Sales Calls, one hour each

    December 7

    9am – 5pm: European & Asian Markets: 5 Sales Calls, one hour each

    December 8

    9am – 12pm: European & Asian Markets: 2 Sales Calls,

    one hour each

    Depart home in the early afternoon or at a time of your choosing

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