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Travel Trends and Digital Media Landscape in China

As more organizations increase their marketing efforts in China, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the market overview and media landscape especially the fast-changing world of digital media, before committing to any specific platforms. China's travel and digital media landscape is continually changing and brands should tailor their offerings and also leverage the unique features of the various social media platforms to help them achieve their goals.

To begin, millennial travelers have the highest growth potential, spending 26% of their income on travel and want to explore new, off-the-beaten-path experiences. They look for opportunities to create experiences that they can share with their networks. Shopping remains one of the key travel activities. However, fewer travelers travel to get the luxury item as the price gap between buying in-country and overseas is now closer. Instead, they shop for unique, local products which are only available in that destination. Therefore, clearly showcasing your local products, artisan markets, or limited edition products that are only available from your location is recommended.

Secondly, Chinese travelers are connected via mobile with 80% of web traffic in China originating through apps instead of browsers. As a result, 76.5% of travel bookings are now mobile. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and if your organization has a WeChat account, you can also set up WeChat mini programs. WeChat mini programs are similar to an app, but there is no need for users to download an app which then frees up the space on their mobile devices. All they need to is search for your mini program within WeChat to access all the information you have setup.

Additionally, short form video content (15 - 60 seconds) is also booming with 74.1% of China's 802 million netizens being registered users of at least one short video app for news, entertainment, and more. Douyin (Tik Tok is the English version) is the fastest growing and most downloaded app in 2018 with 180 million monthly active users and 85% of the users being millennials. If you are looking at connecting with a younger audience, Douyin brings a fresh, youthful and fun appeal.

To learn more about China's travel trends and digital media landscape, email Ann Tok. Additionally, Sally Berry, a long-time tourism pro, recently launched a WeChat online training course for tourism professionals to get familiarized with WeChat with tips on ways to use this app effectively. Check it out.

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