The Making of The Flyer - San Francisco

We are excited about the opening of The Flyer – San Francisco at Pier 39 later this year. Touted as “one of the most anticipated theme park attractions in the USA for 2017” by USA Today, The Flyer San Francisco is the must-do experience and great introduction for every visitor to San Francisco.

Guests will be treated to two pre-shows introducing them to the characters and story before their adventures begin in the world’s first 3D flying theater. The lights will dim and guests are then lifted into the air as the floor drops away.

Filmed using state-of-the-art technology involving drones, helicopters, and computer-generated imagery, the multi-sensory six-minute 3D journey follows the adventures of two lovers, taking guests with them on a thrilling aerial journey from a bird’s eye perspective: soaring above San Francisco's stunning skyline, over iconic landmarks and sights, such as the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz Island; zipping through the majestic redwood forests; and plunging down from Coit Tower into the lively streets of San Francisco, as well as down some of San Francisco’s steepest and crookedest streets. Motion ranges from mellow to intense including pitch and dive which greatly enhances the storytelling and experience. This promises to be a wild ride, yet a safe adventure for all ages.

The two-level structure, housed inside an existing theater space right at the entrance of Pier 39 next to the Aquarium of the Bay and Hard Rock Café, will feature a 28-seat flying simulation cinema with motion seats, a giant curved screen, as well as many special effects, including wind and fog. The theater can accommodate 84 guests every 25 minutes and is suitable for FITs and groups alike with no English language skills required.

Developed by 7D Experience and TRIOTECH, leader in multi-sensory interactive attractions for entertainment and edutainment, The Flyer – San Francisco offers a unique experience where guests fly not only “over” but also through elements. The ride is built without any platform so every guest can live the same experience regardless of where they are sitting.

For further information on how to include this on your itineraries, email Stefan Merkl.

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