Grow Sales By Engaging With The International Travel Trade


According to the US Travel Association, more than 77 million international visitors are projected to travel to the United States for pleasure and business in 2016, spending more than US$142 billion, on shopping, dining, sightseeing, attractions, accommodations and transportation. By 2020, visitation is expected to increase by 17% to 90 million annual visitors.


Travel experiences and destinations across the United States can greatly benefit from working with the international travel trade. Research by the US Travel Association clearly shows that overseas visitors outspend their domestic counterparts on a per-capita basis when traveling in the United States. According to the US Travel Association, each overseas traveler spends approximately $4,400 when they visit the U.S. and stays an average of 18 nights. Hence, this provides an opportunity to enhance existing revenue streams and build the bottom line of any business. Plus, many of these international markets travel in scheduled motor coach groups, providing you with large volumes of visitors and year-round visitation that can help offset seasonality.


Working with the international tour and travel trade also provides excellent international brand exposure and new revenue streams from high-spend markets. Explore Marketing allows clients to cost-effectively tap into these markets. We review your existing operations and sales & marketing efforts, recommend adjustments to your products and booking processes, act as coaches to your team, represent your organization at international travel trade events, and help you build new revenue streams by contracting your services with international travel trade buyers.


The benefits are clear: we expand the bandwidth and knowledge base of your existing sales and marketing team, build your brand internationally, and increase your bottom line. Plus, you will not bear the full cost of domestic and international travel trade events, since expenses are shared across Explore Marketing's clients that are represented at each event. 

Overcoming Obstacles


With 15 years of attraction management and destination marketing experience, Explore Marketing's founder, Stefan, will help you build your relationships with the international travel trade. Let us coach your staff on sales operations, international tourism marketing, and aligning your services with the needs of the international visitor. You will enjoy significant savings on trade show expenses, benefit from our industry expertise and excellent reputation, and have us function as an extension of your sales and marketing team that is results-driven, pro-active, and professional.


Explore Marketing can help you overcome the boundaries towards working with the international travel trade by providing expert advice and cost-effective representation at domestic and international trade shows. Obstacles can come in many ways, including the high cost of attending domestic and international travel trade events, barriers to intercultural communication and proper business etiquette, unawareness of the needs of international travelers, and not knowing how to properly engage with trade buyers from a marketing, contracting and operational perspective.

We can help you to adapt your services towards the cultural and linguistic needs of international travelers. Many times, even small changes will go a long way and create long-term revenue streams. The important thing is for partners to approach international tourism sales with an open and curious mind, and in turn they will be rewarded with new business and relationships from around the globe.

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